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Lze připojit k projektoru externí reproduktor?

  • Ano, lze. Pomocí Bluetooth, nebo připojením reproduktoru do konektoru.

Jaké je rozlišení projektoru?

  • H2 - Full HD (1920×1080) 
  • H1 - Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Z6 - 1920×1080 
  • CC Aurora - 1280 x 720 px
  • CC Dark Knight - 1280 x 720 px

Q: How to adjust focus?

A: Z6 Polar is built in with fast auto focus function and professional high-definition camera, the image will be auto focused once the projector is on instead of manual operation.

Q: What's the operation system

A:Based on Android 6.0

Q:Will i be able to zoom the picture in and out?A: Way 1, by change the distance between wall and projector. Way 2, By stepless zooming
Q: How large is the projection area ?A:The throw ratio is 1.2:1 (distance: width). At a distance of 4ft your screen will be 40-inch (12m, 40-inch), which can be calculated accordingly.
Q:How many hours is the Z6 rated for?A:Reached 20,000 hours to 30,000 hours.
Q:Will menu be in English?A:Yes, all products displayed on the official website are fully English menu, It supports German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Chinese and Mandarin as well ?
Q: Can Chinese one be provided with an English menu?A: Chinese one cannot be upgraded into an English version.The built-in system of Xgimi overseas and domestic machine are completely different. We have strict quality control at home and abroad, which it won't be allow domestic ones with English menu to be sold into overseas market.We strongly suggest you buy an English one on Xgimi official sales channels, like official website or authorized distributors.
Q: Does it be able to take out with no charger?A: No, It's not a portable one.
Tech SupportQ: Unable to enter into system?A: Initial check: Upgrade your system by downloading a new firmware, detailed instructions is provided in this link: https://forum.xgimi.com/download-firmware.html
Q:Unable to turn it onA:Please power Z6 Polar with another adapter, like your PC's to make sure if the standby light is on, please contact service@xgimi.com for further solution if it fails.
Q:Unable to use the remote control A: To Charge it full or change another battery. A:Way1: To download XGIMI Assistant in the app store, start operation under the same Wifi. Your phone can be used as a remote control. Way2: The device can be controlled by PC'S cursor.
Q:Unable to adjust focusA:Way 1: Please toggle the function key at the bottom of controller to FN side, then focus can be adjusted by Volume+/-. Way 2: Z6 Polar has a built-in Auto-focus system, it never loss focus.The focus can be adjusted by a relocation whenever the picture is not clear
Q:What is XGIMI Assistant, where to download?A:XGIMI Assistant is an accessorial software for Xgimi Tech. It provides a wealth of functions, which conveniently share the mobile phone data to big screen.Main functions:1. New Mobile phone remote control.2. Mobile phone resources can be mirrored on the screen under same wifi.
Q:Picture qualityA:Unplug all external drives/restore factory then restart the device to confirm if this problem still exist?If not, Please kindly try to do compulsive upgrade by downloading the latest firmware at https://forum.xgimi.com/download-firmware.html
Q:No sound/Auto Voice ChangingA:Unplug all external drives/restore factory then restart the device to confirm if this problem still exist?If not, Please kindly try to do compulsive upgrade by downloading the latest firmware at https://forum.xgimi.com/download-firmware.html
Q:Unable to connection(WIFI/Bluetooth/Speaker/External drive)A: Unplug all external drives/Disconnect it/Clear all connected information>restore factory>restart it>connection.
Q:OverheatingA: To check your device with four below questions, and see if you can change it by corresponding action.1.What kind of message showed on the screen?2. To check if your outside environment is in a regular standard? If not, coo your play environment,please.3. To check if FAN is okay? By adjusting fan level from LV1 to LV10 to see if there is a strong change from outlet. If not, your fan may meet some trouble.4. To check if the input or output is covered by something? If so, please remove those stuff or relocate your device.
Q: Why does it automatically shut down so often?A: Please charge the CC for at least 8 hrs at the first time. There are four dot lights on the top of CC , once it is fully charged, the four lights will be on.
Q: Why does it use always less than one hour for battery mode?A: The projection mode and volume will affect the battery life a lot. If you are using high-brightness mode with high volume, the using hour will be around 1 hr. If you are using power saving mode with relatively low volume, the battery can last for at least 4 hours.
WarrantyQ: How long is the Xgimi warranty?A:Each Xgimi product comes with one-year limited warranty.
Q: Will the freight cost be covered by Xgimi Tech when ship it to China for a repair?A: Situation 1: Repair the hardware defect at no charge, shipping fee will be paid by Xgimi(only when the hardware is not damaged by users within 15 days).Situation 2: Repair the hardware defect at no charge, but shipping fee will be paid by users(when the damage is not caused by users with 1 year).Situation 3: If a hardware defect arises and a valid claim is received over the warranty period, Xgimi will repair the hardware defect with charging, shipping fee will be paid by users.
Q: Can customer repair the faulty products by their own?A: At present, we don't suggest that the device can be disassembled by customer themselves.
After ServiceQ: Who should I contact If I have other questions?A: Please clear your request under the corresponding subject then email service@xgimi.com for further discussion.

  • Uložení souboru do vnitřního úložiště projektoru

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